ROCKON DIGITAL EVOLUTION is a Swiss FinTech and financial intermediary. Since its foundation in 2014, we were driven by enabling sales processes between sellers and buyers of exclusive motorcycles who were unfamiliar with each other. From the beginning, we believed that digital transformation would enable new types of business relationships – efficient, secure and convenient.

In addition to 25+ years of banking experience, our founders brought their individual passions, namely ‘custom-built’ motorcycles and ‘live’ concerts. Thus, the idea was born to enable sales processes between unknown sellers and buyers worldwide via ‘live streaming’ technology and a secure payment solution via an Escrow account. Successively, further know-how was added, especially in the area of identity verification and electronic signatures. The result was a secure payment solution that met the FINMA regulatory requirements for financial institutions.

TODAY, we are experts in efficient digital “client lifecycle management”, i.e. digital onboarding of individuals and legal entities (e.g. foundations, trusts), virtual collaboration and electronic signatures.

Our solution enables financial intermediaries to map complex business processes digitally and without interruption. A seamless customer experience is ensured by integrating modular product components into an end-to-end digital process – from identity verification, virtual customer collaboration, document management and internal approval logics, to electronic signatures and archiving in core banking systems.

Significant time and cost efficiencies can be achieved, particularly by accelerating advisory and signature processes. In addition, regulatory security, the highest possible data quality and seamless integration into existing infrastructures are guaranteed.


  • Complexity-reducing “end-to-end” processes from a single source
  • Increased legal certainty thanks to process transparency
  • Accelerated signature processes and reduced abandonment rates
  • Increased data quality
  • Improved internal collaboration, e.g. thanks to customizable approval logics
  • Seamless integration into existing infrastructure
  • Improved time / cost-efficiency

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