Challenge of the digitalization of private banks

In private banking, client interaction by means of an efficient technological infrastructure and professional processes, e.g. for compliance, risk, or portfolio management activities, is a decisive strategic challenge and a key differentiating feature. In concrete terms, the aim is to expand existing service offerings through forward-looking digital solutions that are innovative, modular, and consistent. This includes, for example, the onboarding of new clients from natural persons or legal entities, including complex asset structures such as foundations, trusts, and crypto exchanges, professional client interaction and, if necessary, re-identification in the event of changes.

Solution for the onboarding of foundations, trusts, and crypto exchanges

In the specific case of onboarding complex asset structures, digital solutions such as the ROCKON “Client Lifecycle Management” platform can help to create an end-to-end digital and positive client experience that guarantees convenience, legal certainty, and cost-efficiency.
Private banks, fiduciary offices, and their external asset managers are empowered to carry out their complex business processes digitally, efficiently and without interruption. A smooth client experience is ensured by integrating modular product components into an end-to-end digital process: From identity verification, virtual customer collaboration, document management, and internal release logic, to electronic signature and archiving in core banking systems.
Especially by accelerating consultation and signature processes, considerable time and cost-efficiency can be achieved. In addition, regulatory and IT security, the highest possible data quality, and seamless integration into existing infrastructures are guaranteed.

“Complex asset structures can be set up in a significantly shorter time thanks to the guided process. Bank employees and external partners can better fulfill their roles vis-à-vis the client and benefit from a noticeably more efficient procedure. Questions about individual process steps, for example, can easily be asked directly online. It goes without saying that everything is subject to the highest possible data security” (Roland Rüttimann, CEO & Founder ROCKON Digital Evolution).


Advantages for private banks and their external partners

  • Advantages for private banks and their external partners
  • Better customer retention and loyalty through an optimal customer experience
  • Complexity-reducing “end-to-end” processes from a single source
  • Accelerated signature processes and reduced abandonment rates
  • Increased legal certainty thanks to process transparency
  • Increased data quality with the highest IT and regulatory security
  • Improved internal collaboration, e.g. thanks to customizable logics
  • Seamless integration into existing infrastructure
  • Overall improved quality, time and cost efficiency

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