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Raiffeisen Bank

Raiffeisen Switzerland is an association of 246 independent Raiffeisen banks with a total of 896 branches, which form the densest banking network in Switzerland. The Raiffeisen Group, with total assets of CHF 225 billion (2020), is the third largest Swiss banking group and is one of the leading Swiss retail banks. Since June 2014, Raiffeisen has been one of the systemically important banks in Switzerland and must therefore meet special capital adequacy requirements. Raiffeisen has 3.8 million customers in Switzerland.

Raiffeisen‘s challenge was to create a simplified and consistent digital process for opening Bank accounts – with customer identification and verification. Both processes had become cumbersome, inefficient and burdened with bureaucratic trivialities.

Raiffeisen Switzerland engaged with ROCKON for process improvement. Thanks to the VidentON identification solution, potential customers can be easily and conveniently identified via video, with the customer onboarding experience being greatly accelerated. This means that customers can now digitally open an account in just a few minutes. From the customer’s perspective, video identification is carried out in just a few steps: 1. Create a user profile, 2. Select bank service (e.g. opening an account), 3. Upload required documents (application forms, passport, ID, etc.), 4. Make an appointment for video identification 5. Start video chat with bank advisor (computer), 6. Receive confirmation.

Thanks to the seamless and user-friendly identification solution, potential customers can register online anytime and anywhere and select the desired service (e.g. account opening, name change, account authorization). With the support of the internal e-banking service desk, video identification can be carried out conveniently. All that is required is an official identity card and an Internet-capable computer with camera.

The digitally managed process eliminates typical errors on paper forms, such as ticking off two contradictory answers, which in the banking industry leads to frustratingly long processing times or unnecessary customer churn. The account can therefore be opened again in the shortest possible time, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency – both for the customer and for Raiffeisen. The solution ensures fraud prevention, Swiss legal and data security standards and regulatory certainty.




The Baloise Group is more than just a traditional Insurance Company. Its business activities focus on the changing security and service needs of a growing society in the digital age. In essence, it operates as a provider of prevention, provision, assistance and insurance solutions. The 7,200 Baloise employees focus on delivering optimized customer service and innovative products and services. The core markets are in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. In Switzerland, the Baloise Bank SoBa also operates as a financial services provider that is a combination of insurance provider and banking institution.

Baloise’s challenge was to provide simplified and consistent digital processes for both the creation and surrendering of insurance policies. Both processes had become cumbersome, inefficient and burdened with bureaucratic trivialities.

Basler Insurance and Baloise Bank SoBa worked together with ROCKON on process improvement. Customers can now, with the support of their bank or insurance consultant, easily and confidently sign various documents and contracts such as credit card applications, basic contracts and pension agreements digitally in just a few minutes – using a qualified electronic signature (QES). The solution employs components of IdentON for identification and SignON for electronic signature via iPad. With this approach, Baloise is preparing the foundation for the introduction of independent, comprehensive digital onboarding processes.

Customers can now digitally sign a wide variety of documents and contracts easily and consistently with the support of their bank or insurance advisor. The digitally managed process eliminates typical errors on paper forms, such as ticking off two contradictory answers, which leads to frustratingly long processing times in the insurance and banking industry. “We offer the customer an uncomplicated conclusion of a contract completely without paper forms. The customer advisor guides the customer in dialogue through the interactive and completely digital process – simply and securely.” says Marco Meneghini, Project Manager | Baloise Bank SoBa.

Overall, the acceleration of signature processes, lower bounce rates and cost effectiveness were achieved. In addition, Swiss legal and data standards, regulatory certainty and seamless integration into the existing infrastructure are guaranteed. “We are creating a strong increase in efficiency – for the customer as well as for us – and drastically reducing industry-standard lead times.” says Pascal Meier, Project Manager | Baloise.



Graubündner Kantonalbank

The Graubündner Kantonalbank (GKB), with its headquarters in Chur, operates 50 branches. It has 784 employees (as of June 2020) and a total asset amount to CHF 30.9 billion. Investment in digitization and the further optimization of the digital interfaces between customer and bank are high priorities. In doing so, the GKB focuses on hybrid consulting, which combines the benefits of digital developments with personal advice. The issue of security is given the highest priority in all digital solutions.

GKB’s challenge was to fully digitalize its “digital banking” offering by introducing the conclusion of contracts using qualified electronic signatures (QES). The signature process was to be revised together with ROCKON Digital Evolution AG and the usability of digital business transactions was to be facilitated from the consultant and customer perspective – all with a clear focus on existing customers. It was essential to be able to read customer data directly and automatically into the core banking system without manual process steps.

By means of SignON, internal processes within the GKB’s “Digital Banking” have been optimized and the customer experience enhanced, so that now the digital signing of investment orders is possible through the simple use of “qualified eSignatures“ (QES) in accordance with Swiss law. These meet the highest level of integrity, authenticity and confidentiality, always following the principle: Identification à Verification à eSignature à Documentation.

The technical and organizational feasibility with regard to the integration of different systems and their operation was successfully established. Additional optimization potentials and/or upstream and downstream process expansion stages were identified (e.g. video identification, video consulting, multiple signatures).

Overall, an increase in efficiency has been achieved, focusing on accelerating signature processes, lower “bounce rates” and cost-effectiveness. In addition, Swiss legal and data standards, as well as regulatory certainty are guaranteed and seamless integration into the existing GKB infrastructure is ensured.

For the end customer of the GKB, the solution offers the equivalent legal binding as a handwritten signature and higher user-friendliness, e.g. no physical presence, no media breaks, no additional hardware, “real-time” processing of the request, as well as 2-factor authentication via smartphone.




TreeCoin is a token-financed reforestation project, based in Paraguay, which aims to provide the local population with employment and provide for the growing demand for energy and timber. In the process, the project will earn investors annual returns from the moment the fast-growing plantation reaches maturity. A Hybrid Token Offering (HTO) will enable a global community of investors to stake their claim in an ecologically sound reforestation program and to reap the rewards endowed by their sustainable and environmentally friendly investment. The TREE security token will grant access to this investment vehicle and sow the seeds for a greener and more sustainable future. The TreeCoin (TXC) payment token, meanwhile, will support local businesses in the region, incentivizing the participation of a growing number of artisans and retailers.

TreeCoin addressed the challenge with ROCKON Digital Evolution AG and the required KYC/AML* procedures were properly established before tokens would be sold. TreeCoin planned using the Infinity Economics Platform (Proof-of-Stake blockchain) to host the token sale. Users would be able to create an account and perform the required KYC/AML procedures before the token sale. Upon successfully passing these compliance procedures, deposits can be made into the TreeCoin wallet by users. Once the token sale system is live, users will be able to purchase TREE tokens on the platform.

ROCKON Digital Evolution AG was facilitating with customer identification and verification, as well as KYC and compliance background checks. We hereby applied the video identification solutions VidentON.

Establishment of quick and effective identity verification and full compliance with «Know Your Customer | KYC» requirements for global investors.

Major benefits were a quick verification of customer IDs, the reliable fraud prevention and the maximizing of conversion rates. Swiss data security standard and jurisdiction, as well as compliant and regulatory certainty was ensured.



Liechtenstein Privatbank

ROCKON focuses on private banks and transaction banks that offer modern wealth planning services. Thanks to digital solutions, the focus is on a consistent focus on quality, transparency, and risk control. ROCKON concentrates on the core markets Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Fundamental challenges lie in the establishment of an efficient infrastructure using technological platforms and dynamic portfolio management with transparent risk management, as well as expanding compliance activities. In concrete terms, the aim is to innovate the existing service offerings by means of a pioneering digital onboarding solution for legal entities (e.g. foundations, trusts, crypto platforms, etc.).

Together with cross-functional teams, end-to-end digital solutions for onboarding foundations and trusts are implemented. These enable trustee offices to process the entire “process flow” digitally and without interruption – from identification, internal bank controls, virtual collaboration, and document processing to legally binding, qualified electronic signatures. The following product modules were assembled “front-to-back”: IdentONVidentONSignON.

All in all, a unique solution for the fast and convenient onboarding of complex wealth/asset structures was created. Significant time and cost-effectiveness can be achieved thanks to the acceleration of advisory and signature processes. In addition, regulatory certainty, the highest possible legal and data security standards, and seamless integration into the existing infrastructure are ensured.

“This allows complex asset structures to be set up in a much shorter time. Trustees can fulfill their role towards clients and benefit from a noticeably more efficient approach. Questions about individual process steps can be asked directly online via VideoChat | Chat, for example. It goes without saying that everything is subject to the highest possible data security.” (Roland Rüttimann, CEO ROCKON).




With around 30 percent of all imported vehicles, the AMAG Group is one of Switzerland’s largest automotive companies. In the 2020 financial year, about 80,000 vehicles were sold with the Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Seat, Porsche, and Bentley brands. In terms of sales, the AMAG Group is one of the 50 largest Swiss companies. Today it is a comprehensive and nationwide well-positioned mobility provider with high-quality automobiles and services such as repair services, leasing, and car-sharing.

AMAG’s challenge is to offer a centralized identity verification for customers, which further simplifies digital offers with the necessary customer identification. It enables new digital services [e.g. the convenient way to conclude a leasing contract digitally from home]. The prerequisite for this is video identification, which is recognized by FINMA as a secure process for identity verification and allows a “qualified” electronic signing of documents [equivalent to a handwritten signature]. In essence, the AMAG customer will be given access to new online services through a convenient and secure identity verification service [e.g. digital contracts].

With the help of the identification solutions IdentON and VidentON, customers registered on AMAG platforms will be in the future able to digitally verify their AMAG customer profile in just a few steps: 1. Create a user profile, 2. Upload or scan passport / ID [incl. data plausibility check], 3. Arrange an appointment for identity verification via video chat, 4. Perform video identification with call center staff, 5. Use the “Qualified Electronic Signature” [QES] after successful identity verification, e.g. to conclude a leasing contract [SignON].

Thanks to the seamless and user-friendly identification solution, potential customers should be able to register online at any time and anywhere and be able to identify them clearly. The digitally managed process is intended to achieve a strong increase in efficiency. Besides, the solution ensures fraud prevention, high data security standards, and regulatory certainty [e.g. GWG, DSVGO, ZertEs]. Furthermore, the customer can use eSignature to make online services convenient and secure. In addition to the customer-friendliness mentioned, AMAG’s interest in the project is to accelerate signature processes, reduce bounce rates, and ultimately increase cost-effectiveness. Here, too, Swiss and European legal and data standards, as well as regulatory certainty and seamless integration into the existing infrastructure are guaranteed. In principle, AMAG thereby lays the foundation for convenient digital customer onboarding processes and thus supports future-oriented digital offers. The introduction of the solution is planned for the course of 2021/2022.



Credit Agricole

Crédit Agricole next bank (CAnb) is a subsidiary company of Crédit Agricole (CA) which has been operating in Switzerland as a bank under Swiss law for more than 20 years. It runs today 11 branches in the French- and German-speaking regions (Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Fribourg, Yverdon, Neuchâtel, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Zurich) with over 57,000 customers.

Historically very prominent in France, Crédit Agricole finances one home in two in the border regions. With more than 20 years of experience in Switzerland, CAnb puts this know-how at your service. It has succeeded in becoming one of the major players in the Swiss property market and consistently delivers a very high level of service thanks to its advisors’ expertise in all matters of property finance. They can offer individuals tailor-made financing solutions for acquiring or constructing a residence, or rental property, in Switzerland or France. Since 2009, CAnb has been a specialist in retail banking offering useful everyday banking products and services.

The project vision is to create a state-of-the-art onboarding experience that enables potential customers to start a business relationship online within 15 minutes. The major challenge is hereby to develop a flexible front-to-back process that gives the options to onboard oneself using either the “Self-Service” or with the help of a “Relationship Manager” in a bank branch. To achieve this vision, it is crucial to building a state-of-the-art customer experience that guides the customer most conveniently and efficiently through the onboarding journey. Furthermore, it is important that it fulfills the bank’s expectations with regard to regulatory certainty and technical safety precautions.

Together with a cross-functional project team from CAnb and Avaloq we are developing a fully digital onboarding process for different aspects of bank account opening (e.g. Single / Joint / Junior accounts; Personal data changes; Mortgage; etc.).

The solution will enable prospects to experience the entire onboarding journey fully digitally and without interruption – From registration and identity verification incl. background checks (KYC/AML), internal bank controls, and document processing to the account opening via a legally binding e-signature.

The project scope includes furthermore a customizable “Workbench” tool that guides all involved bank employees (e.g. Relationship Manager, Compliance, Back Office, etc.) with intelligent business rules and features through a transparent process. This makes all stakeholders early aware of potential critical aspects such as required information and documents. It furthermore facilitates internal collaboration and increases overall efficiency.

Our partner Avaloq connects the solution directly to the core banking system which ensures overall fast system communication (e.g. duplicate check in real-time or immediate sharing of IBAN No.).

In essence, Crédit Agricole next bank (CAnb) lays the foundation for convenient digital onboarding processes for its Retail customers and thus supports future-oriented digital services – anytime and anywhere. In addition, CAnb will reduce bounce rates, accelerate signature processes, and ultimately increase data quality and cost-effectiveness. Here, too, Swiss legal and data standards, as well as regulatory certainty and seamless integration into the existing infrastructure are guaranteed.




InCore Bank is a one-stop business-to-business transaction bank founded in 2007, providing banks, securities firms, and fintech companies with first-class transaction banking and outsourcing services.

As a Swiss corporation with a banking and securities firm license, InCore Bank offers a comprehensive and modular range of services covering transaction banking for traditional and digital assets, business process outsourcing, and other services. This offering enables other market participants to reduce complexity and focus on their core business.

Source: Website INCORE Bank

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