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  1. IdentON: Online Identification, Our product for effective IDENTITY VERIFICATION including automized background checks* in the context of digital client onboarding processes. 
  2. VidentON: Video Identification, Our product for effective IDENTITY VERIFICATION VIA VIDEO CHAT including automized background checks* in context of digital client onboarding processes. 
  3. MeetON: Virtual Video Collaboration, BROWSER-BASED VIDEO-COLLABORATION PLATFORM allowing single  or multiple participants to share information and screens or jointly re-work documents.
  4. SignON: Electronic Signatures, QUALIFIED ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES in accordance with Swiss | EU law that fulfill the highest level of integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality.
  5. PayON: Digital Escrow Payment, As a FINANCIAL INTERMEDIARY, we enable secure and worldwide PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS for high-priced goods > $ 10,000 using an ESCROW ACCOUNT.

How ROCKON can support you:

  • If you have any questions about the STRUCTURED ONBOARDING PROGRAM, please contact us (HERE)!
  • Interested in identification and automated background checks (HERE)?
  • Digital and secure collaboration platform (HERE).
  • Electronic signatures for the effortless signing of documents (HERE).
  • See our LinkedIn (HERE).
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