Sovereign Cloud – Soon also “Made in Switzerland”?

Cloud solutions are playing an increasingly important role in the process of digitalisation worldwide. If one wants to use the advantages of cloud services, the path usually leads via the large international tech companies. In order to prevent too great a technological dependence on these providers, the Federal Council examined the feasibility of a “Swiss Cloud” from the end of 2020.

“But what is a sovereign cloud? The Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) is an open source code. Only such a code guarantees interoperability, transparency and independence from third-party rights and thus from economic or political influence.”

Through the Swiss Cloud, the Federal Council wants to secure Switzerland’s data sovereignty in the medium to long term. Various sources, countries and experts are required to clarify the necessity and implementation of such projects in more detail. In the 1st step, the demand for the Swiss Cloud is analysed, in the 2nd step, the feasibility is examined. On 11 December 2020, the Federal Council learned of the results of the demand analysis and issued a newsletter on the subject.

In particular, the question arises as to whether the Swiss cloud should be implemented as an independent infrastructure under public law. The institutions and individuals consulted reject such an implementation and support the use of the Swiss Cloud as a label for the secure use of cloud services, which requires certain requirements.

The Federal Council’s communications also commented on the standards that the Swiss cloud must meet in order to achieve Swiss data sovereignty. It is particularly important that the majority of the cloud is owned by Switzerland, thus not relying on foreign companies, and that the data processing takes place entirely in Switzerland.

Next, the Federal Council must develop concrete implementation plans. In particular, the certification system of cloud services was reviewed and the legal framework and problem areas were analysed.

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Definition Sovereign Cloud:,von%20wirtschaftlicher%20oder%20politischer%20Einflussnahme)

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