What is online identification exactly? What are the typical steps of an identification process? Learn more about it in the following video


  • Welcome and thank you for your interest in how an ONLINE IDENTIFICATION works! 
  • In general, the demo consists of 3 steps: 
  • Step 1: The Liveness check, confirming that a real person is using the service. 
  • Step 2: The validation of the identification document by scanning the MRZ, the Machine Readable Zone. 
  • Step 3: The Face comparison, comparing real person and the document’s image. 


Liveness Check 

  • The active or passive “Liveness check aims to prevent fraud via the use of stolen photos, fake videos or face masks to access or create an account online.    
  • Lets start and perform an ACTIVE liveness check now. The inner camera opens automatically and you are asked to move your head 
  • CONGRATULATIONS. You confirmed that you are a “real” person.  



  • The next step is about verifying your identification document by scanning the Machine Readable Zone. The MRZ contains your personal information. 
  • Choose your preferred document type and upload it, for example via an image stored on your smartphone, in your files or by directly taking a picture.  
  • In this demo, we use the camera. Please make sure that the picture taken is of good quality, so please stay within the displayed frame, make sure that the picture is not blurry or showing finger overlays. 
  • The information scanning starts once you press the button “Verify document”. Please double-check and confirm the summarized information. 
  • CONGRATULATIONS. The scanning of your identification document was successful  


Face Comparison 

  • Last but not least we come to the step: Face Comparison.  
  • Now we check whether the picture on the official document matches the previously taken “Selfie”. Only if both match the person is identified unambiguously.  
  • CONGRATULATIONS. The images match and prove your identity! 


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